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Tired of Nature
Duration:3:25   Year:2019
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Tired of Nature

I’m tired of nature, its everywhere

No matter where I look, its in my stare

When I go shopping, I see it in the store

When I am eating, I see it even more

I’m tired of nature, it won’t stay away

It seems to follow me, day after day

Cats, dogs & birds all want to talk

Grass climbs from cracks, in the sidewalk

I’m tired of nature, something should be done

Get some weed killer, buy another gun

If we could build enough, cities and streets

We could keep that nature from getting on our feets

I’m tired of nature, and I think we’re starting to win

Someday the outdoors, will be all in

One big living room, with a big screen TV

So we can watch shows about how nature used to be



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