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Childlike Awe
Duration:3:36   Year:2019
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Childlike Awe

Walk through life with childlike awe

You’ll see things you never saw

Between darkness and decay

Glimpses of a beautiful day

All of life springs to meet you

Nothing scary here to eat you

Roll around in Earth’s garden

For your guilt you need no pardon

You are free without a care

Enjoy the sweetness of the air

Open gates in de-fences

You are using all your senses

You are open to see the truth

Appreciate your joyful youth

People all become your friend

When there’s nothing to defend

We’re all here in equal balance

Share each others skills & talents

Work to build a world of peace

War & struggle soon will cease

While there may be fear & despair

And things for which you deeply care

The world is a gift, each day a surprise

If you see it through a child’s eyes



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