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Animals Are Our Friend
Duration:2:21   Year:2019
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Animals Are Our Friend

Animals are happy when they are outside

or sitting on a sofa made of naugahyde

You never hear them argue with Mom on the phone

or worry at the beach, about muscle tone

Animals are happy and know how to relax

when it comes time to pay the income tax

They don’t spend much thought on their portfolio

or to which college that their kids will go

Animals are happy to be just who they are

whether hiking in the woods, or riding in the car

They don’t have to go to see a therapist

when they stomp their feet and raise an angry fist

Animals are happy and they like people too

and they like a visit to the park, rather than the zoo

And they rarely eat hotdogs with sauerkraut

but when they do you’ll find that its always take-out

Animals are happy and don’t care about style

‘cause what’s out of fashion will be back in a while

Synthetics are something that they will not endure

but they have no problem wearing the latest fur

Animals are happy and there’s nothing they miss

about the things we people have, ‘cause ignorance is bliss

They don’t mind having people as their friends

but as far as animals go, that’s where it ends.



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